Director  : Alexandre Dereims

Award-winning filmmaker Alexandre Dereims secretly filmed the North Korean refugees from China to Seoul, he followed the African migrants and shared their daily life in the Tenere desert during their trip to Europe. He has been awarded with the Golden Nymph & the Red Cross Comittee in Monte Carlo and the Albert Londres (the French Pulitzer)

His work has been widelly broadcasted by television networks such as France 5, Canal + and Arte in France, YLE in Finland, TSR in Swizerland, ABC Australia, SVT in Sweden, TVE in Spain, KBC in Korea…

Alexandre Dereims directed a documentary in Cambodia about the Khmer Rouge trial (where he interviewed Khieu Samphan), in Myanmar with the Karen fighters, in China and Laos following the North Korean defectors, in Niger and Libya during the Arab Spring in the footsteps of Africans migrants. His last documentary (in post-production) is an unique and exclusive dive into the life of the Jarawas in the Andamans Islands in India.

Producer : Claire Beilvert

Claire Beilvert founded the Premiere Nouvelle Production Company with Alexandre Dereims in 2004. Since then, she produced seven long features documentary and dozens of reportages, always on the field when shooting, mostly in Asia and Africa. It was always a challenge to give birth to these documentaries, in terms of production and shooting. Claire is also a photographer. Her work has been exhibited in art galleries in Paris and published in France for Paris Match but, as a photographer, she mostly works for Ngo’s in Asia and North Africa.

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