Do you know what is really going on with the people of the Andaman Islands? It's forced assimilation! A genocide of the most ancient of the peoples.

The children you see in these pictures are Jarawas. They had always stayed with their parents who educated and cared for them. In our film, you see these children playing freely in the jungle, at the beach. 


jarawa school genocide african-Asian andaman ©premierenouvelle

jarawa school genocide african-Asian andaman ©premierenouvelle

This year, in 2018, the Indian government forces them to come to "special schools", supposedly to teach them to count in Hindi. Like they need this. They know how to count very well in their language! These poor little ones, dressed in uniforms while they live naked, sad as stones, it breaks my heart! The worst thing is that the local press wrote that to attract children to schools, the government would give them bananas! A racist policy is in place in the Andaman Islands. The government definitely wants to eliminate the Afro-Asian peoples who have lived in the archipelago for 50,000 years. It is an ethnocide against the oldest peoples of the world!

We cannot longer close our eyes! The Jarawas are now only 400 and they are victims of a human zoo! The road that crosses their forest and is the scene of a photo safari for Indian tourists, this road is being widened. At the moment, on this road, in addition to the columns of 4X4 tourists, there are dozens of trucks. The workers cut down trees and spread bitumen. It's apocalyptic!

The government has chosen once and for all that this road will be the north-south communication axis of the island of Greater Andamans. It will stop the ferries that allow you to travel from one end of the island to the other without passing through the Jarawa territory! It's criminal! It's criminal! The Indian government considers the Jarawas to be savages.

The genocide of Afro-Asian peoples is about to succeed! After the Onge who were assimilated, there are only 80 of them left, the Indian government has opened "special schools" for children Jarawas to destroy their culture and way of life and now, they are destroying their forest to make it pass even more of tourists. There are only 400 Jarawas left.

To know who the Afro-Asian peoples are, the Jarawas, watch the film we shot with them and with theirauthorization and listen to their SOS:

Share their call to the world to help them stay the way they are desire, quiet and happy, far from our world!

We collected 265,000 signatures for the petition we have launched to close this road, which is illegal. But we are far from the counts. We are counting on you to return the make the petition viral. 

That's the one the only way to get the media to talk about this genocide and social networks and have an impact on government Indian by exposing their crimes against humanity worldwide.

Alexandre Dereims


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